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Exhibition Marquee Hire

If you are attending an outdoor event or exhibition?

and need to stick to a tight budget our exhibition marquee hire is perfect for you.

Customisable with your logo, brand colours and message, they can help you to stand out from the crowd and attract your target audience. At DWT we are here to help – our comprehensive services enable us to cater to your needs including; design, manufacture, delivery, installation, maintenance and storage. We can take the stress out of your exhibition or event planning.

Our exhibition marquee hire allows you to achieve all the benefits of an outdoor exhibition stand space whilst meeting the requirements of your restricted budget. Flexible and available in a wide variety of formations, we are able to create the ideal exhibition space for you. Multiple marquees can be joined together to form the perfect exhibition area that you need. We understand that every event or exhibition brief is completely unique and therefore so are your requirements. Our in house team of exhibition stand designers can work with you on your brief, learning about your company ethos and the way in which you want your brand message to appear. Once you are completely happy with the overall design of your exhibition marquee, we will collate all of the elements together and get it ready for you to hire.

Not only can we provide you with stunning bespoke exhibition marquees, we can supply you with flooring, lighting, audio visual, merchandise and anything else that will help to complete the overall look of your exhibition space. Contact us for more information – 01476 860833.

No matter where you or your exhibition/event is located within the UK, here at DWT we are happy to deliver. Our expert team are available for installation at your event or exhibition. Once the event is over, our team are also available to dismantle your marquee and deliver it to your chosen return address. Depending on your requirements, you may need to hire your exhibition marquee for a few days, months or maybe even for a whole year. If so, we can deliver your marquee to each event or exhibition where required. If you don’t have storage, we can help with that too – our storage facilities allow you to feel reassured that your exhibition marquee is under secure lock and key, well maintained and ready for you whenever you need it.

For more information about our exhibition marquee hire services or to discuss your requirements, call our friendly team on 01476 860833.

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