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New Trailers & Mobile Units

Key functions...

  • Exhibitions and Displays
  • High Street Events
  • Mobile Training
  • Product Launches
  • Sampling Promotions
  • Public Consultation
  • Corporate Hospitality
  • Demonstration & Merchandising
  • Franchise Development and much much more

Mobile Exhibitions of all shapes and sizes

Designed to meet your promotional and operational needs by DWT Exhibitions

Each mobile event unit is built to order,  starting at just 2.4 metre on a single axle, designed to be towed by a car, growing to the largest an HGV rated 13.6 metre articulated semi-trailer. Straight bodies, with platforms or pod extensions or roof galleries. All new vehicles are Type Approved by the Ministry.

Eventer towable trailers

The design and concept is developed to meet your requirements interior features include galley facilities, displays, work stations, desks and seating. Options include straight bodied or expanding’pod’, with and without platform or glazed doors, wind out or lift up canopy and much more.


From 2.4m and approx. 1300kg to 7m and a max. 3500kg, the weight of the trailer dictates the size of the tow vehicle and the regulations applying, small units can be towed by some cars, 4×4’s of light commerical vehicles – DWT are happy to guide you on these.

 Showliner light weight, articulated semi–trailers

Typically from 8.0 metres to 12.0 metres in length with design weights from 5,000 kg to 10,000kg.

Layouts can be kept simple and straight or body extensions can be incorporated due to the increase in weight capacity of the combined unit, a stage can also be fitted.

These step frame trailers have the diversity of maximising the site space (no towing frame) but they do require a dedicated tractor unit.

Being light weight by design they have a smaller wheels and so a lower access height than the full HGV units.

Prestige HGV articulated semi-trailers

Anything is possible on these units creating versatile venues where you need them. Some options include expanding body  extensions at the end and both sides of the trailers, ‘first floor’ viewing galleries, stages and video walls; while on board generators, air conditioning and hospitality marquee extensions are quite regular features.  The limit on design is more likely to be budgetary than engineering.

With significantly increased design weight capacity these trailers are usually between 10.0 metres and 13.6 metres (on the road up to 18.75 metres including the tractor unit) with trailers weighing between 14,000kg and 30,000kg, almost anything is possible.

 Motorised unit 

Motorised Units

Motorised Units are increasingly popular with those under 3500kg being driven on a standard driving licence.

These light weight / smaller units typically have a 4.0 to 4.5 metre body length behind the cab.

Whilst those over 3500kg can have 6m bodies and more integral fixtures and fittings including generators.

New units are built to order and will require Type Approval prior to use on the road.

Our design and engineering team listen to you to deliver on time and on budget the promotional unit of your choice to successfully fulfil your marketing objectives.

Key considerations are:


This will reflect your needs. Size, platform, extension, sliding doors etc…

Traffic flow

Ensures your visitors can move around your exhibit


To reflect your core message, corporate and product branding – inside, outside and on the move.


Easy operation is a core goal when designing a manual or hydraulic trailer


  • Suitable tow vehicle
  • Trained operatives
  • Legislation compliance


  • Outright purchase
  • Finance packages
  • Short & long term hire

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